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Civil Miller-Watkins
for U.S. Senate Tennessee

Civ·il /ˈsiv(ə)l/

1.  relating to everyday citizens

and their concerns

that Civil will Push For and be a Champion For:

"Kitchen Table Issues"


  • Making Public Schools a First-Best-Choice

  • Enacting Common Sense gun laws that make it possible for our children to feel safe, secure and without fear while in school, in the community and at home.

Health Care:

  • A Woman's Right to Choose 

  • Support for the Care Givers who provide care for their family members

  • Maternal Care, so that fewer women die during and after childbirth

  • Reducing the effect of Rural Healthcare Deserts


  • Expanding the availability of good paying jobs

  • Standing with our unions to foster a stronger middle class

  • Economic policy that creates a foundation of possibility where each person can plant their seeds of promise claiming the American Dream at the level they are willing to work toward

Civil Miller-Watkins
for U.S. Senate Tennessee

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